What is Mini Maccabi?

Mini Maccabi is a program designed for children ages 3 to 5 guided by professional teachers and counselors. Our main focus is to provide our Janijim with Jewish and Maccabi education in a way that is most appropriate for their age.

Learning takes place in a safe and informal environment that encompasses the importance of the Tnua, Jewish roots, holidays, traditions, and the love for nature and Israel. Most importantly we prepare the children to transition to Maccabi Youth.

Main Activities

  • Mini Marathon: An activity focused on teaching our children awareness and the process of what it is to raise money and participate as a group for a particular project which changes the lives of those in need.
  • Mini Broadway: Where all artistic revelations come together on this special day.
  • A Day In Israel: The experience of living in Israel.
  • Pesaj Seder: Preparation and the highlights of passover.
  • MAJANE: An evening experience as the real Majane.