What is Aluma?

Aluma is a training program for future Madrijim (teenage Counselors) which aims to prepare, motivate and provide basic tools for their time as a volunteers in the youth movement Maccabi Tikvat Majar. It aims to train community leaders, strengthen their Jewish heritage, their relationship with the state of Israel, and the San Diego Community. To achieve our goals we have developed a program in which young people experience workshops, conferences, cultural, recreational and community activities, camps, field trips and social work among others. All this led by a group of professionals. The program is aimed at young men and women between 15 and 16 years, has a duration of 10 months and this is divided into four stages:

  • Integration and motivation.
  • Group leadership (Hadraja) and activity content.
  • Practice with groups in the implementation and coordination of overall activities for the youth movement.
  • Trip to Israel, to strengthen the relationship between peers, and the Jewish state. Graduation ceremony is held here.

It is important to note that throughout the process, the emphasis is on the following;

  • The importance of each of them as individual members of a group and its relationship with peers.
  • Teamwork.
  • Responsibility.
  • Introspection.
  • Possibility to do something positive for others.

The Aluma program strives not only to create good Madrijim (Counselors) but also better human beings, persons that are self-assured and confident of their capabilities, always proud of KEN Jewish Community, their community and our Jewish heritage.

Trip To Israel

This is a 30 day long trip which concludes the Aluma course. The kids travel to Israel and live unique experiences through different activities and classes planned and coordinated between the KEN and Maccabi Israel.

Aluma Photos of our Summer 2015 in Israel

Orgullosos de nuestros janijim de Aluma, que como parte del programa Hands on Giving del KEN Jewish Community, visitaron en Israel un centro mėdico de atención a niños llamado “Yeladim Shelanu” (Nuestros niños).

El grupo de Aluma repartió juguetes y helados de mano a mano a los niños del Hospital. Tambiėn janijim del ken junto con Aluma hicieron una cobija bordada por ellos y ahora Aluma la llevó y entregó al Hospital a nombre del Ken. Kohl Hakavod chavos!

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