Adults are an essential part of the Ken Jewish Community, having a variety of roles ranging from leading the Ken’s Board of Directors, to coordinating and carrying out programs and activities. In addition, and although the Youth Movement is the Ken’s main focus, the community offers different programs for adults including conferences, community service opportunities, Jewish related activities, and volunteer opportunities within the Ken.

Projects & Activities

  • Welcome Committee: This committee welcomes new members and potential members that recently moved to San Diego. They gather and render useful information that will help them transition into their new life easier and faster.
  • SABER: This program was initially created by Dr. David Szydlo and Ifat Galante, along with a group of volunteers. SABER educates, informs and guides parents and children providing them with the proper tools for intelligent decision making. The program brings high-recognized speakers to the Ken, mostly related to challenges and issues concerning parents. In addition, SABER organizes conferences in which both of the parents and their children are invited, to encourage dialogue and trust between the two parts.
  • Israel Project: This project’s objective is to instill knowledge about Israel through experiential activities within the Tnua and the community in general. The program also emphasizes Jewish festivities and commemorations such as Yom HaShoa and Yom HaHatzmaut. Through this project, the Ken offers conferences about Israel and special activities for adults and families. For many of Israel Project activities, adult volunteers are needed to coordinate and to be in charge of specific tasks.
  • Rosh Hashana baskets: This is an annual fundraiser in which the Rosh HaShana committee prepares a significant gift which is delivered to all the families in the community to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.
  • Futbolito: Year round league with weekly games which are played at the JJC facilities in La Jolla. Futbolito represents an amazing activity for young adults and their parents.
  • Camp Mishpaja: Annual Camp for Ken Jewish Community families. The camp is coordinated by a board member, the Sheliah and volunteer families, and the activities are coordinated by parents. Three days and two nights sleeping in tents, family games and evenings by the camp fire. Camp Mishpaja is a beautiful option to enjoy quality outdoor family time.
  • Hands on Giving: The Hands on Giving programs offers many hands-on educational experiences throughout the year for families. In addition, the program constantly needs volunteers to be present during the kids/teens community service opportunities.
  • Rikudim: Since 2013 the Ken has its own Rikudim classes for adults. Classes meet once or twice a month and are taught by a professional mora.